Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DIY before and after: Patio Chairs

I am always coming up with great makeover ideas, but rarely ever do them. After moving to our new apartment we really needed some cute patio chairs. Being very broke we couldn't even justify spending $36 for a pair that I wanted at our local F Meyer.
Before- grungy chairs
I found this pair of chairs driving through my neighborhood. They were sitting out in front of someones yard with a "FREE" sign. They were really mildewy, dirty and gross.
But with a scrubbing and $7 worth of plastic primer and orange spray paint. I think they cleaned up real nice.

After- pretty patio chairs
chairs           free
paint            $7
cushions       $12
plants           from last season
planters        free
total cost  =  $19

not bad for our small little patio. now all I need to find is a table.

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  1. I know a free table will come up is almost out.